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1 piece Fostex FR-2, 6 GB Hard Disk + 2.2 GB Compact Flash Recorder with TC Card: 225.000 HUF.
1 piece Audio Technica 4071a brand new shotgun mic: 150.000 HUF.
4 pieces unused Sennheiser EW 100 G2 diversity receiver (with LEMO) in original box, with original mics: 90.000 HUF/piece, or 350.000 HUF/all.

CONTACT: Tamás Csaba, tamasc@yahoo.com, +3670 2088788

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Behringer Eurorack MXB 1002

HHB MDP-500 Portadisc Portable MD Field Recorder

Marantz CDR 300

Sony DAT DTC 57 es

Sony ECM 979 Stereo mikrofon

Sony MDS JA 20 es

Sony TCD D-7 DAT Walkman

Sony TCD D-8 DAT Walkman

Soundcraft Spirit Folio F1

CONTACT: Robert Juhasz, rec@t-online.hu